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I am a versatile artist from the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario. With a rich blend of creative skills, I bring a unique and professional touch to various facets of the visual arts. My passion for art has led me to explore various disciplines, making me proficient in illustration, sculpting, 3D modelling, topology, texturing, and lighting. I take pride in bringing ideas to life, whether through intricate hand-drawn illustrations or intricate 3D models that pop off the screen. Beyond my artistic prowess, I am also a seasoned graphic designer and video editor. I understand the power of visuals in conveying messages effectively, and I leverage this knowledge to craft compelling designs and engaging videos that leave a lasting impact. In addition to my artistic and design skills, I have a strong background in marketing. I believe that a profound understanding of marketing principles enhances the effectiveness of visual communication. My hands-on experience in marketing allows me to create artwork and designs that captivate and drive results. With Toronto as my backdrop, I draw inspiration from the city's multicultural vibrancy, reflected in my work. I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering professional and visually stunning results that resonate with audiences. Whether you're looking for captivating illustrations, eye-catching designs, compelling videos, or strategic marketing solutions, I am here to bring your vision to life with a unique blend of artistic flair and professionalism.

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
TGB Field Testing, Ultimate Off-Road Challenge: ATV & UTV Performance Testing in Action!
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TGB Field Testing, Ultimate Off-Road Challenge: ATV & UTV Performance Testing in Action!

RYDE Electric Bike Station
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RYDE Electric Bike Station

The Demon Electric Advantage
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The Demon Electric Advantage

Toronto Snowmobile ATV and Powersports Show 2023
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Toronto Snowmobile ATV and Powersports Show 2023

digital design

Innovative Digital Designs for Comprehensive Branding and Products


Creating 3D assets for VR/AR & video games project

Crafting digital dreams with precision: Expert in Illustration, 3D, and Ray Tracing. Proficient in 3dsmax, V-ray

(ARC9) Spacecraft
Black Helmet
Mapleseed Hawk
(Lucy) Statue
Ziggurat Spaceship
Treasure Chest
Treasure chest
Medieval Royal Crusader Knight Armor Shield
Rescue shuttle capsule
Stone walkway (MUD)
Parade Shield
Spider Robot
Space Shuttle
Smith Double Pistol Gun
(Sci fi) Level design
Sailfish Spaceship
Medieval castle modular kits (interior)
PERSONAL SUBMARINE - Concept (Classic).j
Peacekeeper's Dagger
Eagles Medieval Battle Shield
Pageant (Shield), 16th century
Mushroom House
Medieval castle kit (MUD)
Magic Hut